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Heteroxylan motifs
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Welcome to the AXonym tutorial.

This web application provides an automatic generator of heteroxylan oligosaccharide names following the “Brief and Informationally Rich Naming System for Oligosaccharide Motifs of Heteroxylans Found in Plant Cell Walls” introduced by Fauré et al. in Australian Journal of Chemistry (2009).

AXonym Guide

Heteroxylan motifs

This is a list of oligosaccharide motifs found in heteroxylans. By clicking on a saccharidic group, you will have access to its name, the corresponding abbreviation, a 2D molecular structure representation and some references.



Here is the abbreviation generator.

1) First, you may choose the heteroxylan backbone (ß-D-Xylp, 2-O-Acetyl-ß-D-Xylp, 3-O-Acetyl-ß-D-Xylp) you want to work with, by simply checking it (By default, all backbones structures are checked). .

2) Then you select the number of xylosyl units of the backbone

3) Then you choose the different oligosaccharide side chains and click on the OK button.

If you miss some information an alert message will appear.

4) After that, you reach the constructor's interface. Select the different carbohydrate units of the backbone then choose the side chain groups. Clicking on the reset button will automatically remove all the side chains and leave only ß-D-Xylp residues in the backbone thus allowing to make corrections in the structure. When the structure is established, click on the OK button to generate its short name.

5) Finally, the abbreviation is displayed, you can click the button to go back to the first page and build a new structure.

Notice: Clicking on the button "previous page" of your web browser is also effective to make some changes.

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AXonym 1.0 version - last update 09/06/2009